A Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

New Year’s day was so nice, something we haven’t experienced in a long time.  We were able to just stay home and actually relax.  We kept thinking it was Sunday but then having to remind ourself it was actually Tuesday.  Since it was Tuesday and we had done a lot of our chores over the weekend we actually had some “free time”.  I was able to read a book, we all took a nap together, Cory and I got in some cuddle time, and he was able to actually play Diablo with his brother for a while and he cooked supper!

No worries about appointments, work, laundry, groceries and Xander seems to be over his cold finally.  He was a pretty sleepy boy this morning and in a pretty good mood today.  He was a little crankier this afternoon into evening but not bad. He ate almost a whole thing of the level 1 carrots! But then only was able to finish half his bottle with such a full tummy.  He plays really well in his exersaucer lately and has figured out the toys on it.

Eating the elephant's ear.

Eating the elephant’s ear.

I also got some pictures for a growth comparison I wanted to make.  I love to see just how far he has come over time.  His Aunt Nadine made him a couple of blankets in the NICU, one to go over the isolet and one to use as a blanket.  We used to be able to fold it in half to cover him up!  Now he can use it as a blankie.

Owl Blanket from the Hatlevigs May 26 & 29 on the left, Jan 1 on the right.

Owl Blanket from the Hatlevigs May 26 & 29 on the left, Jan 1 on the right.

The rest of the week should go pretty quickly, we are getting our new stove tomorrow! Hopefully we won’t have to worry so much about carbon monoxide leaking into the house so much when we use the new one.

Thursday I am taking Xander in for a head ultrasound. I had been noticing his soft spot bulging a lot lately and asked his pediatrician about it.  She thought we should do a head ultrasound just to check on things and help for my peace of mind.  Hopefully it shows nothing.  Just one of those things that I feel more worried about as a preemie mom.

Friday I have an appointment for myself! Annual eye exam 🙂 I don’t think I need new glasses but I am out of contacts! Maybe she will recommend the ones you can sleep in and wear up to 30 days at a time!


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