Exciting Day Turns to Overwhelming

We were very excited to be getting our new stove delivered and installed yesterday to replace the stove that was probably put in when the house was built back in 1979.  We have replaced all of the other kitchen appliances one by one since we bought the house a few years ago and the stove was the last to go.

We went with a mom and pop appliance store and the owner came with his son to do the installation.  It was in the afternoon so I left Xander at daycare so I wouldn’t have to worry about him with this activity going on.  The father son duo were entertaining to watch and listen to.  I had thought that I could go run and pick up Xander if they took a little longer to install without realizing they had parked their truck in the middle of the driveway and I couldn’t get my car out of the garage.  They had to drill a hole in the cabinet to install the new hood and left sawdust all over the countertops and had to move things out of the cabinet above the stove to do it so there was stuff everywhere and my kitchen was a mess.  They finished up and I was later than usual in picking up Xander at daycare but at least we didn’t have to pay for overtime ($1/minute).

When I got to daycare the problems started.  I parked in the driveway and tried to get out of the car and the door wouldn’t open!  After a few more futile tries with the lock and the door handle I played contortionist to get over the console and out the passenger side door.  I tried my door from the outside also to no avail and went in to pick up Xander.  I got him in the car no problem but then had to use the passenger door to get in and drive us home and again at home to get out. Not fun.  We got into the house and only a few minutes later I heard a big crash… I thought from in the garage.  I grew up in a household of 7 people and was rarely left alone at home and I can have some anxiety when home alone about someone trying to get in etc.  It took me awhile to get up the courage to look in the garage to see if there was something wrong in there, maybe my car door had exploded open or something.  I peeked inside and nothing.

I spent the rest of the evening taking care of Xander and worrying over the extra cleanup work that needed to be done from the arrival of the stove.  Xander has still been working on getting over his cold and is more tired lately and needs a little more snuggles and I was waiting for Cory to get home so I could pump and he would available if Xander needed attention. The next thing I know, Cory is walking in the front door when he gets home from work at 7:30.  I was afraid he was mad, the garage door must not have been opening. Then I remembered the crashing sound I had heard earlier and told him it sounded like a spring crashing.  He went into the garage to try and manually open the door to get his car inside and all I heard was a big crash of the door falling back down and I panicked, I thought OMG what if it just fell on the hood of his car, he is going to be soooo mad and how are we going to get that fixed, the next second I thought oh no!, what if he had gotten further in and it fell on him inside the car! Freaking out I went and opened the door to the garage and he was standing inside safe and sound. Whew.  He had just been trying to open the garage door manually but it was too heavy.  He called my dad and they figured out that one of the tortion springs had busted(that is the spring right above the garage door when it is closed) and he needed to measure them and get to Fleet Farm to buy new ones.  I looked up what time Fleet Farm closed… 9pm. It was 8:30 by now.

He said “How is Xander” and I said “Doing pretty good”. “Go pump”. So I set up Xander in the bouncy seat beside me on the floor and grabbed a couple of his toys and set to pumping.  He did well for awhile and then started to get grumpy about being in the bouncy seat, and I tried rocking him with my foot but he still whined.  I hate having to do that.

Cory went off to get the parts and I looked up How To Replace Tortion Springs on the internet and found youTube vidoes.  I called my sister, stressed about everything now and worried that I wouldn’t be able to get out of the garage in the morning to get Xander to  his head ultrasound the next day.  I asked if she could help me and drive us to our appointment and help in general and she said yes! Cory got home and he watched the youTube vidoes on how to do it and was encouraged by the guy that it wouldn’t be too difficult. He was set up to go in the garage when my dad unexpectedly showed up to help! Thanks Dad!  Usually I am in bed around Xander’s last feeding of the day but I knew I needed to get him fed and to bed. I was able to do some cleanup work in the kitchen so things weren’t so bad.  Xander ate really well and went to sleep right on time at 10pm.

I finally went to bed exhausted at about 20 to 11:00. The guys were still working on the garage door and I just hoped they didn’t wake up Xander as his room is adjacent to the garage.  Oh and Cory tried my car door when he got home and it opened fine for him then. Now that I write about it, it doesn’t seem that bad, but when I was going through it yesterday it was just overwhelming and all at once.  Just a couple of things out of our routine and it sends me over the edge.  We didn’t get to use our new stove that night, Cory didn’t even eat anything after he got home and came to bed at 12:30 am complaining that he was so hungry but it was too late to eat.  I hope we don’t have another day like this for a long time.


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