Not a Growth Spurt but a Development Spurt!

Things have been pretty steady in the Hassle household lately.  No doctor appointments; Xander even had a cold for a week but we didn’t need to take him in!  I was wondering if something wouldn’t happen last week with Cory planning on being out of town Tuesday after work through Saturday.  I didn’t know what exactly but I thought SOMETHING was going to happen.

Luckily for me it wasn’t an emergency and I had family that helped me most of the evenings Cory was away.

It started Wednesday night when my sister was helping out and my friend and chiropractor came over to give myself and Xander an adjustment.  My sister was waving at Xander and he started waving back!  She thought maybe he was doing it on accident but I watched him and said with confidence…. No he is actually waving!  Only one arm was moving, not very coordinated but he’s only 11 months, 8 adjusted; what do you expect?  Still very exciting that he is understanding and able to mimic back.

Then I think it was Thursday after I got Xander home from daycare, I sat him on the floor and he just started clapping!  It was fairly astounding.  I had been trying to work with him on clapping, showing him how first and trying to take his hands and do the movements for him, but he never let me hold his hands. Xander hates being “made” to do things or anything restricting his limbs.  So to suddenly be clapping on his own without any prompting or anything was very exciting!

Xander learned to clap his hands this week!

Xander learned to clap his hands this week!

I’m not sure if it was the chiropractic adjustment, getting over his cold, or a break in cutting teeth or all of the above that allowed him to suddenly take a leap in development.

He cut his two bottom teeth through a couple weeks ago, they are just working on popping up, and I think he is cutting some upper teeth right now but I haven’t been very nosy as he won’t let me into his mouth to check lately.  I usually make him laugh to take a peek.

Smiley Boy

Smiley Boy

He has also been eating ALL of his bottles since Wednesday and more solids too, maybe there IS a growth spurt happening. We did move him up to the 6-9 month clothes a week ago, new clothes are fun.  I did a bit of shopping for him in this size. So far we’ve gotten a TON of clothes from my sister-in-law and haven’t needed to get much, but I think her son was in the 6-9s in summer so we needed some warmer pjs. If only it would stop snowing! Come on Spring! (Seriously I am DONE with snow for this year)

What a great start to his being 11 months old. I can hardly believe he will be 1 year so soon!  The party planning has begun.

So close to crawling!

So close to crawling!

Playing around at my cousins' Birthday Party

Playing around at my cousins’ Birthday Party



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