A Short Affair With Formula (Hopefully)

Back at Xander’s 12 month checkup the pediatrician was a bit concerned about his weight gain vs height gain curve starting to plateau.  He was 16 pounds 4 oz and 28.25 inches.  We feel that we are stuffing him as full as possible without making him puke so what more can we do!?!?  We have talked about adding butter to his food, sour cream, and other good full fat foods.  We haven’t taken the plunge into that yet though we may really have to concentrate on it soon. (Sweet potatos with butter and cream or potatoes with butter and sour cream sound amazing to me!)

Then we had a bout of the stomach flu run through the family that Xander picked up at daycare and he ended up getting twice so that at his 13.5 month wellness check he was again 16 pounds 4 oz 28.75 inches.  The pediatrician did not like that at all!  She gave us a goal to have him up to 17.5 pounds in one month.  That was like a crazy miracle wish to get him to gain 1.25 pounds in a month.  We thought we were doing pretty well, Xander was eating well and not puking (much), he eats 9 times a day; 6 bottles and 3 times of solids.

Xander and I went to the Baby Fair in Shakopee the weekend before our appointment where she wanted him to be up at least 1 pound.  There was a vendor there that had a scale and was doing free weight checks!  I was excited to see where Xander was at.  I got him on the scale and it landed on 17 pounds 2 oz. I was soooo excited, I thought “Yay! Only 2 oz away from gaining 1 pound!”  I thought maybe he is 17 pounds 1 oz without his clothes.  Then we got home and I realized I hadn’t changed his diaper in probably 3 hours. Eek, and it dawned on me… that diaper was really heavy. He probably isn’t even 17 pounds yet.  Emotions went from elated to deflated in a few short hours.

After the Baby Fair with all of our goods ready to get loaded into the car.

After the Baby Fair with all of our goods ready to get loaded into the car.

Sucess!!! Xander holding his own bottle and it was COLD!!!! At the Baby Fair.

Sucess!!! Xander holding his own bottle and it was COLD!!!! At the Baby Fair.

The appointment with the pediatrician came at a good time because we were just about to run out of breast milk in the next few days so we should have a better idea on strategy for what to feed him once we ran out.

The appointment began as usual. Xander started having a temper tantrum when I put him on the exam table to take off his clothes and our nurse Brenda was in the room.  Ever since his 12 month shots he remembers Brenda and freaks out between being on the exam table and her in the room.  She is also the one that gave him the Synagis shots all last winter so he has some big grudges against her!  I brought him nekkid over to the scale and tried to set him on it and he was trying to hold on to me for dear life and I had to put him down and walk away otherwise he will not let go of me.  He still wouldn’t sit still for Brenda this time and the scale never stopped moving but her guess was 16 pounds 15 oz.  This has been his typical gain over the past few months of about 3/4 pound per month.  I was happy with this, that he had even gained that much.

Then came the debacle of getting Xander’s height.  We tried 3 times and it came out the same each time at 28.25 inches.  The computer didn’t like that since it now believes he shrunk!  I think the nurses the last couple of times have just been overly generous with the measurement.  Every time we put Xander on the table for the measurement he screamed bloody murder.  I can’t wait until his next appointment when he actually gets more immunizations.

The Dr Bennett came in and wasn’t too thrilled with Xander’s “small” weight gain.  We talked about running out of breast milk and she still recommended going with formula and fortifying it to 22 cal.  So our mixture is 5 oz water with 3 scoops of formula.  She is recommending this for the next month until we have our next wellness checkup.  She is fine with him getting 6 bottles a day still and not pushing solids too hard yet although I think the daycare lady is trying to get him on more solids and less milk.  The rest of his checkup was fine.  Xander even let the doctor hold him and was jumping on her lap and tiring out her arms!  Our next appointment will be after our NICU follow up appointment at the end of July.  Hoping for continued weight gain as we’ve heard it really slows down between 1 and 2 years.

And so begins our affair with formula.  It is a bittersweet moment.  It is a sweet victory that we made it 14 months and 10 days with breast milk. So very close to his 1 year adjusted date.  We are short by just 2 weeks.  I am ecstatic to be putting the pump away and getting that time back from being tethered to it.  We won’t have to wash all of those pumping parts or breast milk storage bottles anymore!  (we have over 500 bm storage bottles… photos to come later) We won’t have to bring bottles to daycare every day any longer.  We can just bring a can of formula and a couple bottles and she will let us know when she needs another can of formula.  No more hauling a cooler everywhere to keep bm cold while out and about.  No having to remember to bring the pump along or get home in time for me to pump.  We can finally use the formula dispenser we got for a baby shower gift!

We tried one bottle of formula the day of his appointment. He only ate 3 oz of it.  We tried two bottles the next day.  It went ok, and he liked the one better with his (gross) vitamins in it. He gets poly-vi-sol with iron.  Or perhaps he was just sleepy eating but he ate the entire 5 oz!  Today he had his last breast milk bottles at daycare. He must’ve known they were the last ones because he ate them really well.  He wasn’t very happy with the formula tonight but he did eat it with quite a bit more Super Why episodes than usual.

Cory and I had some sticker shock when trying to figure out how much formula we will need for the next month.  Geesh I might need a second job!  Or Cory needs to work more overtime which is likely with the move of his job to Hudson, WI.  I did get some samples at the Baby Fair but they won’t last long.

Tomorrow is our first full day of straight up formula.  I hope he eats well, especially at daycare.

Cute little monkey! 14 months old in a 3-6 month size outfit!

Cute little monkey! 14 months old in a 3-6 month size outfit!

Trying to get the mouse from dad.  This outfit is 6-12mo size and is pretty baggy and the shorts are long but still adorable.

Trying to get the mouse from dad. This outfit is 6-12mo size and is pretty baggy and the shorts are long but still adorable.

Happy 30th Birthday Mom!

Happy 30th Birthday Mom!



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